Saturday, November 15, 2008


and another thing

I wish that abortions were not needed.
I wish that children were educated enough to respect their precious bodies, lives and hearts.
I wish that people would not use their hatred to violate others.
I wish that we as a nation-nay-WORLD could just accept that diversity is not a sin.


I'm sure this is not a new post among the world of bloggers. But i'm sick and fucking tired of the religious people of this nation trying to impose their moral, ethical and religious views onto MY body, and way of life!!!

If I want to live with my same sex partner of 14 years, we should receive the same legal rights as a heterosexual couple. Marriage is personal. Keep your fucking views off my love life!

AND, keep your values off my body. What I personally believe regarding my reproduction is personal! What happened to the separation of church and state in our "free" country??

For Example...
You should not think for a second that I would walk into your life and berate YOU for being a dumbfuck that abuses their dog by tying them up in the yard and ignoring them for their entire life. I may think it's heinously wrong, but the law has stated that as long as you provide food, water and shelter for your animal it's enough. My god would smite you down for stupidity when you asked to be let through the hematite gates to the everlasting everafter if you DARED show up without a loving pet to vouch for you!!

So...What I do with my pregnancy is MY business. My view on "life" is mine. Stay out of it!

So, what triggered this spew of forgiving words? Christmas is around the corner.

ok, so again, what's the button?

"help keep CHRIST in Christmas!" That's what did it for me.

It's YOUR fucking holiday! Why do you need me, my family or the general media to dictate how it's been commercialized? If you're hung up on how OTHER people treat YOUR holiday...You're not really in it for the right reasons!