Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January...a little late.

Hi Declan!
we spent new years eve at Beth's house in Round Hill again. had a fantastic time. What's new? well, let's see. my birthday party was a hit. you're talking up a storm..."not yet" is a favorite now. You're able to follow reasoning a bit more. I've only had to toss you into time out a few times AND you're becoming quite determined to get your way(aka rude talking back snarky responses)

BUT....with all these lovely snarky sides of you, you're more communicative about your feelings, wants and needs. Your'e trying new things, you're still obsessed with diego and I'm still alicia.

We had a great christmas with Oma at our house. You got a cash register from oma, a toolset, jammies and toy story from meemaw and papaw, thatha and ammai gave you finding nemo (which i've not gotten into the dvd player yet)/

i don't really have a whole lot else to say at this point in time. I'll try to pay closer attention to your developments.

I love you

Sunday, December 19, 2010

MAY 5, 2008

Remove May 5, 2008
It’s not THAT bad...right??
Current mood:exhausted
ok, so i'm usually an upbeat, optimistic person...Still am I'm sure, somewhere under the sleep depraived exterior...she still exists.
So, little Declan turned 3 weeks this past friday (yay). at his 2 week appointment he'd gained 2lbs. He's started to develop that double chin that babies have. Jabba the hut as I like to call him. He loves to sleep all day. did I mention sleep deprivation? Well it's all self inflicted and I don't mind admitting it. Several friends have told, urged, warned me to sleep during the day when he does. But you all know me. I don't stop moving. blame it on genetics. My grandmother was the same way. Things need to get done. Dishes won't wash themselves, especially since the Friigin dishwasher stopped working. Dogs need to be fed, floors cleaned, babies fed and changed. Oh, and there's a little detail about feeding myF'ing SELF!!! I have3 more weeks until I'm supposed to be back to work part time. THREE weeks!?? who am I kidding?! I feel like i need a year to get my shit together. But then again, I'm dying to get back to work. Oh, there was a point...I need to learn to nap whenever Declan naps right? Well, that'd be all day. he's up for a while, then naps for anywhere from one to 4 hours, then wakes up to eat. So, I go to bed relatively early, try to sleep as late as possible and do my best to not KILL the dogs when they wake me up at 7 in the morning or interrupt a perfectly good nap in the middle of the day.
Oh, and Shane's in Florida for another 4 days. I miss him terribly!!! Not just because he's my favorite person and I'm madly in love with him and I HATE being apart from him, but he's an amazing Daddy and Husband. He had been home enough to let me take Declan so I could nap when he was awake but didn't need to be attached to me.
I'm not going to go into detail about the financial side of me not working for 2 months.
But overall, it's not that bad right? I've got this amazing family that makes my heart sing louder than the songs of the crazy drug addled hamsters that run my brain
And honestly, Declan's sleep patterns will eventually even out. I'll go back to work, Shane will be home in 4 days and I'm going to put the dogs in their cages tonight in the hopes of sleeping past 7am.
so's not that bad
and now, it's 10:30 at night and i'm putting myself to bed. Wish me luck on more than an hours sleep at a time. HA

MARCH 26 2008

filling in the gaps
Current mood:loved
So, i was just reading my blogs.
what’s new with me? well, i’m 12 days away from my "due" date. The initial thrill of baby movement in the belly hasn’t QUITE worn off, but i’m completely used to it now. I’m sure I’ll be sort of lost when i don’t have the little squirrel moving around in me. well, I take that back. I won’t be lost without it, i’ll have the little guy/girl in my arms squiggling around and trying to break out of the crib I’m sure.
I also thought I’d fill in the gaps of how my year went last year.
AS you all know, i married the long lost love from tx - Shane
I went down to visit in June, was high as a kite (on love!!!) the whole weekend. He proposed to me that weekend!! I said yes - of course.
July - went back for a visit - got knocked up (apparently my dr wasn’t comPLETELy right when he said i may need help getting pregnant...oops) but we were completely thrilled and freaked out by it!
August and Sept - Shane came up here for visits
Oct - we got married
Nov.- he moved up here
That was last year. This year’s been about work, getting ready for the baby and loving my life with the most amazing husband who spoils me WAY beyond what I could have ever expected!!!
I can’t wait to meet this little person that’s been growing in me. I’ll post pictures as soon as we have the baby and I have a spare minute.

nov 11, 2007

the alien is on the move
Current mood:giddy
So just a few days ago, i got up from sitting down and felt sort of ...cramped on one side of my tummy. Then all of a sudden it sort of shifted.
I mean...not a flutter, not a slither...just a shift.
I hate to say it, but for a moment i thought "gee, do i have to go potty??". How sad that the first movements I recognize i compare to a bowel movement!
but the cool thing is that now that I know what it IS, i'm THRILLED! Just tonight Shane and I were watching a movie and he had his hand on my belly and he says "I felt that!!!". What an amazing thing! He felt a shift that I didn't even feel. He agreed it's more of a Slide or shift on the inside of the belly than a full blown movement. Nothing major, just a small movement.
I'm so in love! My husband blows me away every day and I'm dumbfounded he's actually HERE and I get to spend every day with him! It's so natural and comfortable to have my family here...FINALLY!!
We're having a Gumbo Dinner this coming Sat the 17th so I'll try to take pictures to post.
I may also take photo's of the belly cuz it's definitely getting big enough to notice.
Oct 20, 2007
stories for the kid
Current mood:nerdy
So as many of you know...I have a vivid imagination. I know - i know....amazing. I'm SO calm and level headed you'd never think i could make up crazy stories. but i do. So here's one of the stories i've made up lately.
When asked "mommy, where did I come from?" (sometime in the future by the little Steddum child who willl be nothing but joy and angelic compliance to all my whims, demands, etc - note the vivid imagination already starting)
I will respond...well sweetie pie, you're actually an alien love child.
"Huh??" will more than likely be the sweet child's response (OR the poor thing will be so used to my outlandish stories that it'll just walk away)
If he/she wants a response, here it is.
Back in July of 2007, your father went to the local pub Chelsea's for lunch before picking me up at the airport. The local bar floozie, who firmly believed she had been abducted by aliens the night before, and was sharing the story with anyone who was unfortunate to be in earshot, was enamoured by your dad's beautiful eyes and was fervently trying to pick him up.
When trying to give him a lap dance, which he successfully deflecting by standing up She spilled her drink on him. He got his check and came to the airport to pick me up.
Well apparently, the little floozie wasn't kidding about being abducted by aliens. They were, however, VERY inept aliens who hadn't learned how to use their new implantation equipment. Therefore, leaving an implant pod on her nose instead of implanting it INTO her! I said they were inept...let's add stupid too. So, when she was trying to take a sip from the beer that she spilled on your dad, it would seem that she had also dipped her nose in the drink, dislodging the pod into the beer which became lodged onto your dad's shirt when she spilled her drink on him.
Later that weekend, my bellybutton started itching reeeally bad. I thought i'd gotten a bug bite of some sort and just forgot about it. It would seem that the pod was transferred from her nose, to her drink, to your dad, then onto me. It found it's way to my bellybutton and burrowed into my stomach where it grew for close to 10 months and then out you came!!
I figured, if you were smarter than all your alien enough to find your way into my belly, grow, not kill me and come out looking so incredibly beautiful and cute...Your dad and I just HAD to keep you and raise you as one of our own.

So...that's where you came from. awake?? darn...fell asleep again during one of my stories.. Oh well. I'm sure i can make up more for another time.
Jul 1, 2007
so, a friend of mine invited me to go Kayaking this weekend. At first (middle of last week) my response was "maybe, but i can't go paddling for 8 hours like you do...hell, i don't know that i can do, make that 2...I don't know if I can go" he pretty much hung up the phone.
Wait, let me back up and add the previous weekend. My friend Jane called me the week before (approx june 20th) and invited me to go to Cacapon Resort in WV. I hesitated but then accepted the invitation. It's a GREAT little pond with a beach and swimming area. We brought food and soaked up the sun after a dip in the water (which was much too cold for swimming in my opinion...i'll go back in August sometime). After hanging out with her i realized.."HEY...i got out of the house and it felt great!".
Now back to the kayaking story.
Apparently i needed an activity to destress. So, yesterday morning i called him up to see if he was still interested in paddling a bit. We met up in Ashburn, VA at a reservoir off of Belmont ridge road. It was FANTASTIC!!!
I will say that after about 90 minutes i was BEAT tired. I had also gotten up early and done some gardening and run errands. But I'll tell you what. I'm leaving the Kayak on the 'Bru and going out again soon! Maybe on the 4th since i've got the day off.
It's amazing how i've gotten into this pattern of "doing" to the detriment of "living". Sad! But not so sad for the fact that I've gotten out of the house and my sad little routine and started getting outdoors to enjoy and live life!
It just makes me realize that I've forgotten what it's like to get out into nature and listen. To what you may ask? well...if you don't know, then maybe you need to get out more often. Maybe I won't go Kayaking on the 4th, maybe I'll go for a hike on the A.T.
Anything other than sitting around my house lamenting about all the "chores" I have to do. They'll need to be redone in a week anyway. So why not get out and enjoy nature?? So...that's my thoughts for today. Hope you all get a chance to go outside and listen.