Sunday, December 19, 2010

nov 11, 2007

the alien is on the move
Current mood:giddy
So just a few days ago, i got up from sitting down and felt sort of ...cramped on one side of my tummy. Then all of a sudden it sort of shifted.
I mean...not a flutter, not a slither...just a shift.
I hate to say it, but for a moment i thought "gee, do i have to go potty??". How sad that the first movements I recognize i compare to a bowel movement!
but the cool thing is that now that I know what it IS, i'm THRILLED! Just tonight Shane and I were watching a movie and he had his hand on my belly and he says "I felt that!!!". What an amazing thing! He felt a shift that I didn't even feel. He agreed it's more of a Slide or shift on the inside of the belly than a full blown movement. Nothing major, just a small movement.
I'm so in love! My husband blows me away every day and I'm dumbfounded he's actually HERE and I get to spend every day with him! It's so natural and comfortable to have my family here...FINALLY!!
We're having a Gumbo Dinner this coming Sat the 17th so I'll try to take pictures to post.
I may also take photo's of the belly cuz it's definitely getting big enough to notice.

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