Sunday, January 4, 2009

For that matter

Apply all these questions to Judaism....
what's the deal with Hannukah?
I freely admit I'm uneducated and should probably take a comparative religion class.

origin of christmas gifts?

Ok, I have a legitimate question. What's the origin of gift giving for Christmas? Also, do Christians who want to keep the Christ in Christmas celebrate Santa Clause? if so, aren't they de-christ'ing Christmas by joining in the Santa-delusions for their children?

How do Christians separate Santa from Christmas? or do they?

If they're giving gifts representative of the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, are they saying that they deserve the gifts of the "king"? Cuz isn't THAT a little presumptious?

If they're wanting to keep the Christ in Christmas...what do they consider keeping him in?
Who took him out in the first place? By celebrating Santa, aren't THEY taking him out themselves? I'm pretty sure their children aren't looking forward to Christmas mass nearly as much as they are that fat guy dropping gifts down their chimney? And as far as that goes, if we can get our children to easily believe in Santa because he brings good, tangiable things...what should we say Jesus brings to make children believe he really died and came back? Cuz that's one Hell of a magic trick!

Anyhoo, I'm honestly curious about these rituals.
Happy New Year