Thursday, January 21, 2010

well now what!?

I don't really have a topic for this rant. Here's what's been goign on in my life so far for 2010. My childhood friend lost her dad, a truly remarkable man, to complications of brain cancer. Then on January 14th, a friend of mine lost her life when she got out of her broken down vehicle. She was struck by a dump truck.

tadaaaaaah, great way to start the year huh? But here's what i'm hoping for. I'm hoping that that is the end of the bad. Last year was so difficult for so many people including my family. I struggled and all that with my business. My hubby, bless his patient soul, has supported me 100% in rebuilding the business and ....well you get the point.

this year has started so much better than last year. If you have read my posts, you know that last january i took that hideous job at the dental office out of complete and utter fear that I could not afford to buy food! It was aweful. However, this year (besides the whole 2 funerals in a month thing) has started out very nicely. I'm feeling very safe. I was able to pay off a tax bill from 2008. I had money this morning when the mechanic said my brakes were shot and needed replacing. I'm getting out and walking when the weather permits, I'm doing weightwatchers to lose the 15lbs and in general things are fantastic!

so, now what? what's next on my "to do" list.
I don't really make new years resolutions


I want to reduce my debt. reduce my waste, reduce my clutter and overall simplify my existence.

I want to learn new massage techniques to further my skills in orthopedic massage. I want to reach other small businesses and "network" with them.

I want to strengthen my body, I guess I've got the answer to my "now what?" quesiton

let's see how it goes