Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunshine...on my shoulder

makes me so fucking happy!!!!!!

so, updates abound. I quit that job at the dental office like a hot F'ing potato with herpes! that bitch HAD to go or i was going to say things to actually make her cry!
Now, with that horrid, wretched stage of my life over, I decided to just see clients at my office 3 days a week and be a mom the rest. i LOVE it! I also decided that I'm pretty much fed up, for now, with the whole idea of being a business owner. If I'dve known I was going to own a business, I would have studied business in college THEN gotten my CMT. But no...I didn't did i!?

AAAHHH, so where does that leave me?
It left me enjoying my life....for about a week. Then I got restless as my denied adhd self tends to get. But how do I become "productive" and "successful" if I'm only working 3 days a week. I'm not making money...I'm not "doing" enough!

Oh, I know, I'll study! and even better, I'll study more clinical massage techniques. OH WAIT>>> I'll study orthopedic massage, neuromuscular therapy and stretching! then Ill be inVINceable!! MUAHAHAAHAAAA

ok, that last bit was just added
But It was along those lines. There's so many therapists out there. and honestly, most of them suck
What can i do to cement some job security for when we decide to move? Because my success is based solely on client retention and I'm pretty sure they're NOT going to follow me to another state 5 or more hours away

Study...that was my answer

so then I get an email saying that a different PT clinic was interested in bringing in Massage. So what the heck...I sent them my resume
shorten that story to ... I got the job.
now how cool is this? I want to focus on clinical I will be truly working in a clinical environment spearheading the massage department of this clinic! AWESOMe...How lucky am i? I'm so friggin grateful it's scary!

So now, when it comes time for me to leave the dc area, I can contact all of the PT/rehab departments around whatever city I decide to move to and sell the idea of establishing a massage clinic within their facilities!
muahahahaaaa...i'm going to take over the world pinky