Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jul 1, 2007
so, a friend of mine invited me to go Kayaking this weekend. At first (middle of last week) my response was "maybe, but i can't go paddling for 8 hours like you do...hell, i don't know that i can do, make that 2...I don't know if I can go" he pretty much hung up the phone.
Wait, let me back up and add the previous weekend. My friend Jane called me the week before (approx june 20th) and invited me to go to Cacapon Resort in WV. I hesitated but then accepted the invitation. It's a GREAT little pond with a beach and swimming area. We brought food and soaked up the sun after a dip in the water (which was much too cold for swimming in my opinion...i'll go back in August sometime). After hanging out with her i realized.."HEY...i got out of the house and it felt great!".
Now back to the kayaking story.
Apparently i needed an activity to destress. So, yesterday morning i called him up to see if he was still interested in paddling a bit. We met up in Ashburn, VA at a reservoir off of Belmont ridge road. It was FANTASTIC!!!
I will say that after about 90 minutes i was BEAT tired. I had also gotten up early and done some gardening and run errands. But I'll tell you what. I'm leaving the Kayak on the 'Bru and going out again soon! Maybe on the 4th since i've got the day off.
It's amazing how i've gotten into this pattern of "doing" to the detriment of "living". Sad! But not so sad for the fact that I've gotten out of the house and my sad little routine and started getting outdoors to enjoy and live life!
It just makes me realize that I've forgotten what it's like to get out into nature and listen. To what you may ask? well...if you don't know, then maybe you need to get out more often. Maybe I won't go Kayaking on the 4th, maybe I'll go for a hike on the A.T.
Anything other than sitting around my house lamenting about all the "chores" I have to do. They'll need to be redone in a week anyway. So why not get out and enjoy nature?? So...that's my thoughts for today. Hope you all get a chance to go outside and listen.

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