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MARCH 26 2008

filling in the gaps
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So, i was just reading my blogs.
what’s new with me? well, i’m 12 days away from my "due" date. The initial thrill of baby movement in the belly hasn’t QUITE worn off, but i’m completely used to it now. I’m sure I’ll be sort of lost when i don’t have the little squirrel moving around in me. well, I take that back. I won’t be lost without it, i’ll have the little guy/girl in my arms squiggling around and trying to break out of the crib I’m sure.
I also thought I’d fill in the gaps of how my year went last year.
AS you all know, i married the long lost love from tx - Shane
I went down to visit in June, was high as a kite (on love!!!) the whole weekend. He proposed to me that weekend!! I said yes - of course.
July - went back for a visit - got knocked up (apparently my dr wasn’t comPLETELy right when he said i may need help getting pregnant...oops) but we were completely thrilled and freaked out by it!
August and Sept - Shane came up here for visits
Oct - we got married
Nov.- he moved up here
That was last year. This year’s been about work, getting ready for the baby and loving my life with the most amazing husband who spoils me WAY beyond what I could have ever expected!!!
I can’t wait to meet this little person that’s been growing in me. I’ll post pictures as soon as we have the baby and I have a spare minute.

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