Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January...a little late.

Hi Declan!
we spent new years eve at Beth's house in Round Hill again. had a fantastic time. What's new? well, let's see. my birthday party was a hit. you're talking up a storm..."not yet" is a favorite now. You're able to follow reasoning a bit more. I've only had to toss you into time out a few times AND you're becoming quite determined to get your way(aka rude talking back snarky responses)

BUT....with all these lovely snarky sides of you, you're more communicative about your feelings, wants and needs. Your'e trying new things, you're still obsessed with diego and I'm still alicia.

We had a great christmas with Oma at our house. You got a cash register from oma, a toolset, jammies and toy story from meemaw and papaw, thatha and ammai gave you finding nemo (which i've not gotten into the dvd player yet)/

i don't really have a whole lot else to say at this point in time. I'll try to pay closer attention to your developments.

I love you

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