Wednesday, June 10, 2009

broken filter filter has been a tad torn over the last eternity. I appparently say whatever's on my mind.
Now, I personally think it's not completely true. I would like to say I take "the high road" and use phrases that are pretty neutral and don't carry blame.
but the other day I didn't. I warned my friend then let it rip

he's left his wife.
this time, he was trying to figure out how to tell their 6yo daughter.

so, the neutral thing to say would have been along the lines of "i'm sure you know what your daughter can handle" or "She'll be ok"

but no.

I basically told him he had been castrated long ago and it's about fucking time he got his balls back, took control of the situation and for a change put himself before his wife or himself.
He's fucked up and so is his wife. They're SCREWING up their daughter! I came very close to saying "how dare you"
but it didn't quite make the cut and match the flow of words streaming out of my mouth

Then I broke it down to black and white. there are 2 things you need to do
create an open, honest, respectful environment for your daughter and tell her you guys are breaking up but you love her very much
1. we're breaking up - honest and respectful of her
2. we love you - create safety and security

basically, now that i have a son, i HATE to see parents screwing up their children and using them as weapons against each other!

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