Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here's my problem and the problem of most parents I speak to about this.

first...Vaccines save lives.

However...Diagnostic tools for finding the many levels of developmental delay and autism are growing every day which leads to new diagnosis when they find a delay that does not fit into an existing diagnosis.The preservatives and other stabilizers they use in vaccines contain certain levels of heavy metals. The scientific community is creating more and more vaccines to help keep us alive thus more and more heavy metals and other preservatives our body can handle in small amounts...but they're accumulating in our system.
Many children that are predisposed to developmental problems are exhibiting symptoms shortly after vaccines.
So, what's the answer? there isn't one. You just have to do what's right for you and your child. Pick and choose the big important ones and hope for the best. I've met enough parents who are absolutely convinced their childs developmental delay/issue is directly related to a vaccine.
I don't know if chelation would be an option to help remove the heavy metals from the body but I know that if my child ever exhibited signs it'd be on the top of the list of things i would try.
that along with other alternative modalities like craniosacral therapy, dietary modifications, specialtists are of course included in this medly of modalitis.

I am sure that the number of people helped vs hurt makes it worth doing

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