Saturday, July 4, 2009

a one sided conversation with Sarah Palin

So I was talking to my hubby about a daydream I have
I'm not religious by any means. I believe in a higher something but do not agree with the dogma of any religion. I think Taoism might be the closest thing but that's actually a philosophy...anyway, back to my daydream

I, for some unknown reason, on a long flight next to Sarah Palin while travelling with my son. At some point in time the conversation inevitably turns to my rights over my body. I throw out a couple of scenarios like pregnancy due to rape and failed birth control with my husband. I daydreamed that I could have an affecting chat with her that would allow her to change her mind about my rights over my own body and the need for social programs and a change of the tax structure that over the last several years has been working against me to make a living at the art that is my livelihood. We discussed how one accidental pregnancy would nearly, if not actually, ruin my life. I am not covered for pregnancy through my health insurance, I might not qualify for state assistance because I'm making money. I would be self pay and that would break me. That piled on top of back taxes which are approximately 45% because I'm self employed - oh the reason they're not paid is I had to pay the electric bill for home, the gas to heat said home and food to feed my family!

so, in this daydream of a conversation, I actually make her think twice and consider changing her church run state, religious run mindset to one of open minded acceptance in which she can truly serve the needs of the people. Education and assistance over control and intolerance.

that's really it isn't it? and this conversation/daydream could apply to any politician.

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