Friday, September 24, 2010

The end of another week

So, it's Friday.

yep. Friday.
What'd i do this week? well, besides wallow in my own slightly depressed mudpit, I connected with the Petco, sent out a last minute special for my business and it brought in 2 clients.

so, not too bad
I've convinced myself i'll do one thing per week to stay in touch with my clients.
So that's 4 things i will do on rotation
1. birthday emails. Send emails out to clients who'se birthdays are in that month offering a B'day discount
2. Send a newsletter with monthly specials, updates, health tidbits and zen like relaxation techniques...(sit up straight at your desk and breathe) kind of shit.

huh. maybe i'll just do 2 things.

I just found out that another MT I know is so fucking burnt out on doing massage and the lack of security he's going back to school to become a nurse.
Now, I dont' want to be a nurse. But it was sadly a HUGE relief for me to hear he's dying in the field as well. we've both been at this for 14+ years and seriously folks....we're done.

So, I'm back to the dogs. I told shane i can visualize trying to build a new practice in a whole new town, but for me to work at it here...i don't want to. And if you don't want won't happen.

when's your Birthday?
I'll send you a coupon

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