Wednesday, September 22, 2010

what memory?

So lately i've been very blonde. Forgetful, scatterbrained, uuuhhh, get the point. Some would say it's because i have a 2 year old but I just can't believe that. Some would also like to say it's because i'm about to turn 40 (in December thank you very much). Again, I don't fall for that.

There's something up. I'm so fucking bored with my life it's killing my brain! I'm burnt out. I'm depressed. So, what's new right? welcome to the realities of our lovely economic depression (note the word "depression").

So what do i do? I don't want to market my business but i'm just barely scraping by. I would love to take classes but don't have the money for it. I DID, however, buy about a hundred bucks worth of dog training/behavior books to further my skills in the doggy world.

I've Also come to the realization that 14 years in the same career is starting to wear on me. Now, I don't think i've learned all there is to learn. I do think that if given the opportunity to take some good classes i'd feel a little more motivated in my field. But cash.

So what do i want to do next? How do I plan on obtaining that next big goal??

well, my life is going to go to the dogs!
seriously. I love dogs. I love teaching people. I love seeing the dogs progress. So i've signed up for a class with Strega. I've purchased $100 of books. I've contacted Petco again about teaching with them again (a source of income). The cool thing is that the assistant manager said she'd like to talk to the regional manager for something or other about me teaching the instructor course! huh....that was just the boost to my ego i needed.

Maybe, juuuust maybe, if i take a "job", it'll give me the break i need from being a struggling massage therapist. Maybe it'll give me a much needed financial cushion. and ...AND maybe it'll allow me some extra money to take classes in Massage AND dog training! Hell, maybe Petco will send me to the seminars i want to take on THEIR dime!!!???

hmmmm, memory. wasn't this whole thing about memory? oh yeah. I forgot.

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