Saturday, September 6, 2008

bad mom?

Ok, so why the caffeine reference? Well, i have a 5 month old little boy.
He's actually rediculously easy. Not really fussy, very easy going (the most beautiful baby if I am to believe what EVERYONE tells me lol)...but, like all babies, i have to wake up at least once a night.
This is not one of those no-one told me moments. I'm a realist about my boy and the sleep deprivation that accompanies children. Anyone who bitches about it to anyone other than good close friends who know you are just sleep deprived and need a shoulder to cry on before passing out, really wasn't ready to have kids in the first place.
Oh, exceptions to that rule?.....none
Yes, i know some children are worse than others...tough
you really should've done some research before getting knocked up. It's a huuuge chore being pregnant, giving up vices, changing your work schedule, dealing with the damn little einstein crap, the smell of diapers....
if you plan on bitching about it, you're not ready. Expect the worst and just be surprised if it's not as bad as you thought. If it is as bad as you though, well you've still got that amazing, beautiful baby that smiles when you walk in the room right? If that's not worth all the hard work, I dont' know what is.'s gross. Truly gross when your kid goes 3 days without a poop then shits himself to the point of needing a bath. But it's part of the territory. Plus, he looks so happy and releived after all the hard work of filling a diaper. By the way, even though I know that's what he's doing, I laugh at the faces he makes working sooo hard to fill that diaper for me.
"go baby go" and "fill up that diaper sweetie" are often heard in my house. When he's done "wow, you must feel sooo much better"

Oh, funny bad mom story. When he was probably about a month old, changing a diaper, I reached for a clean diaper when i heard what could only be described as 'one pissed off baby' and water know what's coming??? it's better than what you think. I truly wish i had had a video camera on this...
I looked back and saw he was red faced, trying to use his hands to block the stream of PISS landing straight on his face!!!!
I laughed so hard i had tears in my eyes! poor guy was furious! So, i cleaned him up and calmed him down, laughing the whole time. So what makes me a bad mom about that? Not that I let it happen, but that I thought it was so damn funny I told EVERYONE about it!

Ok then....that's a looong bit of blather over a morning cup of coffee to help wake me up enough to go into his room, turn off the einstein tv thing and play with him for a while.

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