Monday, September 8, 2008

thank you!

And this, folks, is why i love my friends.
Who else is going to send you posts about cakes for your early morning, pre-coffee viewing?
ok, so i get that baby butt's are cute. But do you really want to eat the cake? And how increeeedibly self centered to you have to be to have a cake of yourself at your wedding. She didn't even include a cupcake sculpture of her husband!?? Y'know (crazybitch) this day wouldn't even be happening if that sucker you call a husband hadn't made the collossal mistake of proposing to you!
Do you think her friends and family took turns cutting into it? Symbolically killing that lovely bride? Id've paid a buck to slice an ear off personally. Just because.
Also, it sort of makes you wonder about her need to make everyone "eat" her. hmmm, I'm sure everyone can secretly say "ew" now to the instant photo in your head where the blushing bride (HA) is the center of her own fantastic orgy. 'I want everyone to eat me!'
Holy shit you think she thought of THAT when she was ordering the cake?

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