Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Money....That's what i want

well, not actually. I'd love to live without the STRESS of money!
I could play the lottery....but i need the dollar for gas to get to work to earn actual money

I could wait for a rich relative to die and leave me everything....but i don't have one and the only relatives that might leave me something mean more to me alive than dead.

I could get over myself and actually market my business in a manner that would bring in clients!!???

I have no response for that. Anyone want to do that job for me? I don't have the cash to pay you. BUT, i can pay in trade. I give a fantastic massage!
Really, ask anyone.
so no takers huh?
how about just giving me money?
back to that again
Money....That's what i want.

1 comment:

MIQuilter said...

OHMYGOSH! I want the SAME thing!!!!!